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We strive at Wolves Leather to find the best locally soured materials right here in Portland OR, Starting with the leather, to the beeswax, each piece is made with traditional values in mind. 



We use a vegetable tan leather for all the products called Herman Oak, this can be found at the local supplier, Leather Oregon Company (which has been a family own business since 1908). They supply a great number of different hides that we choice from.


  For stitching, we use 1mm tigers thread. Which is a waxed polyester thread. 

Using waxed thread makes it so the thread forms around the leather once it's stitched. Creating a beautiful clean stitched line.


This beeswax is from treatment-free beehives. Untreated hives means no pesticides, miticides, or medications used inside the hives.



 All hardware is made of antique brass from the buckles, to the rivers and screws.


Everything you see in the Wolves Leather collections are made completely by hand, no machines. Our goal is to make you the best quality leather products that are durable, efficient and long-lasting.